Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Bag!

I'd been looking for a new bag for a while but just couldnt find one I actually liked, then I found a picture of the Pheobe Bag by arsty-crafty babe and fell in love! I printed the pattern off..and thats as far as I got, that was a few months ago.

Inspired by the year of craft and looking in my craft cupboard and spotting an old cushion cover that was just too scratchy to be used as a cushion (I like practical cushions, I'd scratch my face off if I lay on it!) I created this!
Is it possible to be in love with a bag??
Not bad for an old cushion cover and some remnants!

If you are looking for a bag pattern, Artsy-crafty babe has some fab ones, the Pheobe bag is free! Clicky

Matching mirror

When I had finished recovering the box (see post below) I thought to myself..hmm my dressing table is missing something, A MATCHING MIRROR!

I dont have a before picture of this but trust me it was ugly. It was black and scratched and generally looked horrendous (but I still carted it through 5 house moves!)

Created the same way as the box, with modpodge and paper napkins!

Please excuse the reflection of the lightshade..and the streaks on the mirror!

Revamped Jewelry Box

I've had this box for ages, meaning to do something to it but never actually getting around to it. I've also had a packet of paper napkins that I bought in Ikea but never used because they were too pretty. Well one day inspiration struck (drum roll......)
TA DA!!!!

Mod podge created this beauty. As you may be able to tell, I have misplaced (definately not lost..) one of the handles but I will find it, either that or I'll just find two new handles - probably more likely than finding the other one.


Cabled Bag

Well the first thing I should post on here is the first bag I made.

(click the picture for a link to the pattern)

The main body of the bag is exactly the same as the pattern but I'm not fond of knitted straps on bags, so I modified an old belt and used that for handles. The lining was kindly donated by my gran (and I have loads of it left! she sends me parcels of really random crafting supplies every so often- the latest included amazing vintage patterns, buttons, a tablecloth and some wool!)

Anyway, there it is. My first bag


New Start!


A new start for my blog, as this year (2011) will be THE YEAR OF CRAFT!! well according to me and my sister anyway. We both (try to) do a variety of different crafts but we dont really keep track of what we do. This is why I have this blog!

So any craft, no matter how bad, I finish in 2011 will be stuck on here for all to see! I'll put a few things I've done in the past month or so up, just to inspire me first (and so my blog isnt depressingly empty)

Wish me luck!