Sunday, 29 July 2012

Finally a finished project!

My crafting has been even slower than usual recently. A teething 6 month old, a looming house move (yes I am moving again!) and general laziness have meant that craft has taken a back seat. Sometimes I sit and look at my knitting bag, or browse my ravelry queue but getting the energy to actually move my arms is hard at the moment lol. I did however manage to finish a project! My neice is 2 this Wednesday, I saw this on Ravelry and had to make it for her. I let her open it on Saturday as I wont be seeing her for a few weeks now and her little face lit up and she hugged it! Soooo cute.

I used scraps from my knitting bag which ended up looking like he is wearing trousers (..yeah I totally meant that to happen...) Didnt have any child safe eyes so sewed some felt ones on instead but overall I am very pleased with it! The pattern is here if anyone wants to make their very own baby unicorn.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Knitting update - July!

Well its July and once again, classic British style its raining. Floods, storms, cold weather, a few of my friends even had to resort to putting the heating on. HEATING IN JULY! So in true British fashion I am having to sort out some warmer clothes for me and Thom (OH seems to wear the same thing all year so he has no problem)
This cardigan was originally meant to be for Autumn/ Winter but due to the pathetic weather I have had to speed up my knitting so he actually has a warmer cardi that fits!