Monday, 14 May 2012

Crochet stacking rings - finally finished!!

Well this seems to have taken me absolutely AGES to finish but nevermind


Thoms first present crafted for christmas (yes I know we are only May but I am a slow crafter these days!)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oh dear..I've been neglecting my crafting!

Well due to an attempt to buy a house (dont worry, Natwest have put an abrupt end to that dream for the next few years, ruining our credit rating as they go...) I have been neglecting my crafting completely.

I've had the one on/off project which I dont know if I'm going to looks a bit..odd (see the post below for a picture!)

Anyway, this is my promise - It is now May, I need to start properly crafting for christmas soon so MAUV IS BACK TO CRAFTING!

I really fancy knitting something, I might start a jumper for Thom for next winter... I'd LOVE to do a cardigan for me but I know I would NEVER get round to finishing it...I have no willpower.

Diet is going...ok ish. Stalled for a few weeks but back on it this week, I'm even exercising again! So I will be summer ready in no time I'm sure...

Thom chillaxing after a busy day.