Saturday, 18 February 2012

Craft on hold!

Yes I've stopped posting again..but I swear its for a valid reason! WE'RE MOVING HOUSE..AGAIN. I seem to spend my life packing boxes but hopefully this move will help us! Its a cheaper house, closer to town (not sure the bank balance will like that lol) and smaller so easier to clean?? well I like to think that anyway lol

So for the next few weeks I wont be posting, although I do actually have some craft to post! doh. I'll save it for the new house!!

Just look at the excitement on Thom's face! (am I crazy moving house after a csection with a 5 week old baby??...YES I AM!)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Knitted Waistcoat

I've been given quite a few knitted cardis as gifts now (which I love!) so wanted to find something different to make Thom. While mindlessly browsing Ravelry I found this pattern and HAD to make it. How cute is that! A teeny knitted waistcoat, every baby should have one!