Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The first present for my christmas box!

Its June 1st tomorrow - NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Ok I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but I thought it was about time I started my christmas presents!

This will be part of my youngest neices present (will be 16 months at christmas) Its a Russian doll if you couldnt tell - obviously adjusted the colours a bit to use my scraps up!

Its knit flat and is really quick to make, I might actually make the other two sizes of the pattern to make the full set. I just think its so cute! This is the pattern I used -  Ravelry download link so if you have some scraps that need using, give it a go!

Monday, 30 May 2011

25p Shawl

A few months ago my Gran sent me some wool she bought in a charity shop for 5p per ball! I didnt particularly like the wool so its just been stored, UNTIL NOW! Due to summer disappearing (in fact its more like winter,we've had to put the central heating on - in May!) I decided to make myself a shawl just to put over my shoulders while reading, knitting etc. As I'm not planning on wearing it outside the house then I dont really care what it looks like so the 5p wool was perfect!
I decided on the Textured shawl recipe I found on Ravelry -  clicky this is what I ended up with

Now its finished, I actually really like it! It was so quick to knit, I just picked it up in the evenings, doing a few rows at a time and it only took two weeks. If you were to knit it in one go it would take a few days max. Most importantly, it only cost 25p!! BARGAIN!! I will now be scouring charity shops for more woolly bargains!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cheapo vase turned to vase of beauty!

I have decided my house is too empty. It just doesnt look cosy anymore, especially the bedroom. None of the furniture matches ..well everything matches apart from the built in wardrobes which are this horrendous pine (we're renting so we cant do anything about them I'm afraid) so I'm on a mission to make the bedroom feel a bit warmer and homely! I will at some point be getting new curtains, bedding and a rug but for now I'll focus on accesories!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Simple hairclips

I've recently decided, after years of tying it back everyday, I love my hair! (well the ghds help alot) and I've been on the lookout for some cute hairclips to prevent the whole hair stuck in lipgloss look (seriously, why does no-one else seem to get it? I step out the door and WOOSH hair stuck on my face)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Another knitted dress

Well I PROMISE I'm working on something new at the moment but for now I'll add this dress I made for my second youngest neice. Half knitted, half sewn its SO CUTE! I've asked for an action shot but my sister is not the quickest person in the world lol

I seem to only have a photo of the back! The front is the same but without the buttons anyway. It really is a rubbish photo (moving house ate up my camera fund so I'll have to live with this rubbishy one for a bit longer)
I'll harrass my sister until she takes a new photo lol

The pattern is here (the English translation is below the picture!) if you want to try. I will be making more at some point for my neices because they look so cute on! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Knitting over the last few weeks

Well I'm in the new house! Boxes everywhere but once everythings sorted it should look great!
Thought I'd post up a few of the knitting projects I've done in my time away starting with my first project from the superstar kntting stitch and bitch book by Debbie Stoller

This one is for my youngest neice, made using some random wool stash! I know its eye bleedingly bright, but for around the house its fine! My sister seemed to like it anyway. I really enjoyed making this, I've never done colour work using slipstitch before and its really fun. Now I'm on the lookout for more patterns like this of course!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Where did the last month go??

Well here I am, a month later and I havent posted anything! ARGHHHH but fear not, I am moving house TOMORROW! So of course I will need to craft to make it feel homely! So give me a week or so to unpack and I will be back! I have a few knitting projects I'll post up next week so check back then!