Monday, 23 May 2011

Another knitted dress

Well I PROMISE I'm working on something new at the moment but for now I'll add this dress I made for my second youngest neice. Half knitted, half sewn its SO CUTE! I've asked for an action shot but my sister is not the quickest person in the world lol

I seem to only have a photo of the back! The front is the same but without the buttons anyway. It really is a rubbish photo (moving house ate up my camera fund so I'll have to live with this rubbishy one for a bit longer)
I'll harrass my sister until she takes a new photo lol

The pattern is here (the English translation is below the picture!) if you want to try. I will be making more at some point for my neices because they look so cute on! 

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  1. Can you help me with the confusing pattern directions? On what row and where does the lace pattern fit in. I am totally stumped? You can email me at