Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Simple hairclips

I've recently decided, after years of tying it back everyday, I love my hair! (well the ghds help alot) and I've been on the lookout for some cute hairclips to prevent the whole hair stuck in lipgloss look (seriously, why does no-one else seem to get it? I step out the door and WOOSH hair stuck on my face)

Now I have infact found some gorgeous clips BUT the price?? no way am I paying £7 for two small grips! So I made my own for free! (well the price of the grips but I had them in anyway)

I used the same method for the bows as I did on the shoes (click here)

I also made a flower hair tie for when I do need to tie it back. Much more exciting than a plain band!

I think I'll make some for my neices for birthdays/christmas presents - yes I am planning my christmas crafting already! More will be posted in the next few weeks!

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