Sunday, 10 April 2011

The sun has got his hat on!

Well something very strange happened this weekend (well for Britain anyway) THE SUN CAME OUT! Its actually hot enough to sit in the garden without 5 layers of clothes on!
So I did what any self respecting, sun deprived British person does on these rare occasions...


Now in my excitement I obviously forgot to take any pictures of anything actually cooking but nevermind...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cafetiere cosy

Recently me and my partner have been making coffee every Saturday morning and sitting by the table to drink it. A very nice routine, even if I do say so myself, however the cafetiere was looking a bit boring. Then I remembered one I'd seen in one of my beloved Tilda books, Sew Pretty Homestyle and this was born!

Lack of craft!

Well my aim is to update this blog at least twice a week, but last week I didnt post anything! Life got in the way of crafting, I hate it when that happens. I'm working on something now, which will hopefully be up later this evening!

Of course, its not just life, its this monster keeping me awake at night! (Please ignore the chair, its my project for when the weather gets a bit nicer!)