Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pumpkin cake...

I like to think of myself as a good baker. I can cook reasonably well (apart from bagels, I most definately can not make bagels..they come out like bricks!) and in my head, my cakes are amazing, frosted perfectly, moist..basically lovely! Until now...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Knitted Christmas Stocking Finally Finished

Its finally complete, I have finished my knitted christmas stocking! This is the pattern I used, a completely customisable pattern and not too big so wont cost a fortune for Santa to fill (hurrah!)

Knitted Christmas Stocking 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Christmas Stocking

Well we've moved again! Nothing has gone wrong with this house (so far) and most imprtantly  - THERE IS NO LEAKING ROOF HURRAH!

Anyway because of the move I was without internet for 2 weeks - now I'm not sure how I survived before having the internet but I was so bored without it! I obviously need to get some more hobbies! During the two weeks of boredom I did in fact finish a large crochet project yay! Only thing is I cant post it until after Christmas as it is a present for my sister Doh! nevermind

I did however start on a christmas stocking for my son. I've been eyeing these up for years, meaning to make  them for me and Oh but never got round to it but as its LO's first Christmas I thought I'd put the effort in. In my head he will be using this for years to come but in reality, knowing my knitting it will last one Christmas and fall apart lol

I'm a bit worried about how narrow it is but it will do - it will be cheaper to fill lol. Bit nervous about actually doing the foot part. I'm rubbish at socks and it is effectively a large sock eeek.
This is the pattern if anyone wants to make their own!

I'll post the finished project soon hopefully.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Finally a finished project!

My crafting has been even slower than usual recently. A teething 6 month old, a looming house move (yes I am moving again!) and general laziness have meant that craft has taken a back seat. Sometimes I sit and look at my knitting bag, or browse my ravelry queue but getting the energy to actually move my arms is hard at the moment lol. I did however manage to finish a project! My neice is 2 this Wednesday, I saw this on Ravelry and had to make it for her. I let her open it on Saturday as I wont be seeing her for a few weeks now and her little face lit up and she hugged it! Soooo cute.

I used scraps from my knitting bag which ended up looking like he is wearing trousers (..yeah I totally meant that to happen...) Didnt have any child safe eyes so sewed some felt ones on instead but overall I am very pleased with it! The pattern is here if anyone wants to make their very own baby unicorn.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Knitting update - July!

Well its July and once again, classic British style its raining. Floods, storms, cold weather, a few of my friends even had to resort to putting the heating on. HEATING IN JULY! So in true British fashion I am having to sort out some warmer clothes for me and Thom (OH seems to wear the same thing all year so he has no problem)
This cardigan was originally meant to be for Autumn/ Winter but due to the pathetic weather I have had to speed up my knitting so he actually has a warmer cardi that fits!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Granny Square DS Case

Oh Granny squares, how I love you! You may have guessed that from previous post here , but to be honest I do believe you can never have enough granny squares in your house! One day I will get round to making a double bed sized throw but in the mean time I'll stick to the smaller projects like this Granny Square DS Case!

(Now the edges look all wibbly in these photos but I'm staring at it next to me and they are not! crazy..)

Now my Ds is all snuggly thanks to this Granny square case! yay!

This is worked from the granny square flap down.

Bread that looks like bread!

I have tried many times to make bread but have failed each time, either ending up with a brick or something that is tasteless. Well not anymore! Ok it I cheated and used a packet mix but I still had to knead it and everything...

Fine its a cheat but it was gorgeous! My house smells like freshly baked bread, I had a lovely lunch and it worked out at 25p per loaf! (If you're in the UK and dont mind buying short dated food take a look at Approved Food)

Pointless post but I'm so chuffed it worked lol

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Little boy's Crochet Waistcoat

A bit of a confession here, I made this a while ago and took so long to take pictures and write the pattern up it no longer fits him which is why there are no action shots. Classic me. Anyway this is a free pattern for a very simple waistcoat. At the moment only available in size 3-6 months however I'm going to make a slightly altered version but with arms in a bigger size so will update when I have finished it!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chick pea blondies??

O.M.G while browsing Pinterest I saw a recipe for healthy cookie dough dip - (havent tried it yet but deffo will) anyway, while browsing the site I saw a recipe for healthy blondies made with chickpeas! Now I always have a can of chickpeas in the cupboard so had to make them of course

They are meant to be baked in a bar but in an attempt to control portions as I'm losing weight (nearly 1 stone down! 7 pounds to go woo!) I made them in mini cake tins - I also did not have any cases in so I had to settle for squares of foil... anyway they may not look pretty but they taste amazing!

So if you like the sound of them check out Chocolate Covered Katie!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Crochet baby sandals

I have searched high and low for some soft baby sandals in the shops but the only ones I can find are made from hard material! Why would you put hard sandals on a 5 month old baby I dont know but there you go.

Anyway, I decided to make my own! Very easy and quick to make and due to the high ankle strap, they actually stay on!!!

(look how cute his little toes look!)

Free Pattern, Crochet baby sandals

Monday, 14 May 2012

Crochet stacking rings - finally finished!!

Well this seems to have taken me absolutely AGES to finish but nevermind


Thoms first present crafted for christmas (yes I know we are only May but I am a slow crafter these days!)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Oh dear..I've been neglecting my crafting!

Well due to an attempt to buy a house (dont worry, Natwest have put an abrupt end to that dream for the next few years, ruining our credit rating as they go...) I have been neglecting my crafting completely.

I've had the one on/off project which I dont know if I'm going to looks a bit..odd (see the post below for a picture!)

Anyway, this is my promise - It is now May, I need to start properly crafting for christmas soon so MAUV IS BACK TO CRAFTING!

I really fancy knitting something, I might start a jumper for Thom for next winter... I'd LOVE to do a cardigan for me but I know I would NEVER get round to finishing it...I have no willpower.

Diet is going...ok ish. Stalled for a few weeks but back on it this week, I'm even exercising again! So I will be summer ready in no time I'm sure...

Thom chillaxing after a busy day.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Neglecting my blog

Argh where is time going? The weeks are flying by in a haze of house viewings, mortgage advice and cloth nappies!
Thom pictured here with my Real Nappy week purchases (my bank account is crying)

I am crafting a little bit at the moment, in fact I've started my christmas crafting!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plastic bag holder

I dont know about your houses, but my under sink cupboard is overflowing with carrier bags. Now I know I could recycle them , but the reason we have so many is that we reuse them. Well no more plastic bag volcano for me!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mod Podge fridge magnets

A while ago I entered a competition for a radio. Of course I didnt win the radio, I did however get sent 5 fridge magnets from a bacon company...(yes thats totally random!)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summer is here! (for a few days anyway)

Every morning I HAVE to start my day with a cup of tea (I am a zombie if I am tea deprived). During the winter my mug is more of a large bucket to be honest, but when it gets a bit warmer, I switch down to this beauty, my Cath Kidston cup and saucer. Just looking at it makes me feel summery!
As you may have gathered I am rather partial to a bit of Cath Kidston, now I just need to magic up enough money to buy the full set..its a dream for the future lol.

Bit of a pointless post really but I thought I'd recognise the changing of the mug day on my blog. Happy mug day!!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Crochet tank top - free pattern!

I finished this tank top just in time for the heatwave thats happening in Britain at the moment (tshirts in March - whats happening!?!?!) typical.

Thom looking thrilled with his top!

Size 0-3 months
6mm needle
complete guess as I used leftover wool but I'd say 100g each colour (3 colours)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Rug update

I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks now but ITS FINISHED! It took me a few years (omg I'm slow at latch hook!) but its done. I actually miss latch hooking now though! Should I buy a new one and start the whole process again?? I'll probably have grandchildren by the time I finish another one lol


Cath Kidston Crochet cushion

One of my christmas presents this year was this crochet set from Cath Kidston. Now I dont normally buy ready prepared kits for crafting however my darling partner must have seen me admiring the tin it came in online! (and yes it does look very nice sitting on my book shelves in the lounge)

It didnt take long to finish BUT

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crochet dungarees - free pattern!

While browsing the internet for something to crochet my son I noticed there seems to be a major shortage of patterns for boys! Well a few days of not having the internet (and moving house.) and these were born!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Craft on hold!

Yes I've stopped posting again..but I swear its for a valid reason! WE'RE MOVING HOUSE..AGAIN. I seem to spend my life packing boxes but hopefully this move will help us! Its a cheaper house, closer to town (not sure the bank balance will like that lol) and smaller so easier to clean?? well I like to think that anyway lol

So for the next few weeks I wont be posting, although I do actually have some craft to post! doh. I'll save it for the new house!!

Just look at the excitement on Thom's face! (am I crazy moving house after a csection with a 5 week old baby??...YES I AM!)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Knitted Waistcoat

I've been given quite a few knitted cardis as gifts now (which I love!) so wanted to find something different to make Thom. While mindlessly browsing Ravelry I found this pattern and HAD to make it. How cute is that! A teeny knitted waistcoat, every baby should have one!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Knitted hat for Thom

Well after the shock of Thom being early, having an emergency csection and the neonatal stay, I have picked up my knitting needles again and have made my teeny headed son a hat that actually fits!

I've knitted this hat previously for new baby gifts but didnt get a chance to make one for him before he was born! The pattern is 'Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat and if you're looking for a hat pattern I would really recommend it, very easy and quick!

Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm Back!

Well its been a while since I last posted mainly due to this little man arriving

                                                Thom born 12th January weighing a teeny 5lbs!

6 days in neonatal and he is finally home with us! Everything I knitted for him is of course hanging off at the moment because hes so small, but he'll grow into it at least! His sheep hat got lots of comments in hospital anyway.

So I thought, new year, new baby, new blog design! Its a work in progress anyway, I keep changing my mind so expect a few changes to keep happening for quite a while yet.

So here is to a year of many baby photos, lots of weight loss and of course LOADS of crafting!

Mauv and Thom

 (An exra photo, just because he is so beautiful!)