Thursday, 13 September 2012

Christmas Stocking

Well we've moved again! Nothing has gone wrong with this house (so far) and most imprtantly  - THERE IS NO LEAKING ROOF HURRAH!

Anyway because of the move I was without internet for 2 weeks - now I'm not sure how I survived before having the internet but I was so bored without it! I obviously need to get some more hobbies! During the two weeks of boredom I did in fact finish a large crochet project yay! Only thing is I cant post it until after Christmas as it is a present for my sister Doh! nevermind

I did however start on a christmas stocking for my son. I've been eyeing these up for years, meaning to make  them for me and Oh but never got round to it but as its LO's first Christmas I thought I'd put the effort in. In my head he will be using this for years to come but in reality, knowing my knitting it will last one Christmas and fall apart lol

I'm a bit worried about how narrow it is but it will do - it will be cheaper to fill lol. Bit nervous about actually doing the foot part. I'm rubbish at socks and it is effectively a large sock eeek.
This is the pattern if anyone wants to make their own!

I'll post the finished project soon hopefully.

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