Sunday, 14 October 2012

Knitted Christmas Stocking Finally Finished

Its finally complete, I have finished my knitted christmas stocking! This is the pattern I used, a completely customisable pattern and not too big so wont cost a fortune for Santa to fill (hurrah!)

Knitted Christmas Stocking 

 I absolutely love how it turned out but omg, it took forever! I really enjoy colourwork normally but this project just seemed to drag on and on, mainly due to my limited crafting time. Looking after a 9 month old and starting a new job at the same time means by craft time is getting shorter and shorter. I think I'm going to find some smaller projects to do next. Lo needs some slippers/socks so they are top of my list.

Other news  - last night we ended up calling the National Grid emergency number as or downstairs bathroom whiffed of gas (yes I am aware how stupid that sounds lol) anyway we waited 45 minutes in the dark with all the windows open as advised and it turns out yes, we do infact have a gas leak in our downstairs bathroom wall! As its internal they wont fix it, they just block the gas supply to the house so now we have no heating or cooker until I can contact our letting agent Monday morning. Why do these things always happen on a weekend??

Right I've waffled on for long enough, I'm going to raid my wool bag and see what I find!


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