Sunday, 24 June 2012

Granny Square DS Case

Oh Granny squares, how I love you! You may have guessed that from previous post here , but to be honest I do believe you can never have enough granny squares in your house! One day I will get round to making a double bed sized throw but in the mean time I'll stick to the smaller projects like this Granny Square DS Case!

(Now the edges look all wibbly in these photos but I'm staring at it next to me and they are not! crazy..)

Now my Ds is all snuggly thanks to this Granny square case! yay!

This is worked from the granny square flap down.

Granny Square Nintendo Ds Case

4mm Hook
Aran wool in two colours  - I used scraps so no idea how much, less than 1 ball anyway
3 buttons

Granny square flap
ch 36
In 2nd ch from hook 3dc, * ch1, skip next 3ch, 3dc in next ch - repeat until 1 ch remains, dc.
join new colour, ch2(makes dc),* ch1, 3dc in ch 1 space. repeat until end of row.
repeat this pattern alternating colours making sure you keep a dc border along the edges.
repeat for 6 rows in total

Main body
change to main colour and sc across (sc in each sc, and 2 sc in ch spaces)
carry on straight until work measures 10 inches, fasten off.

This makes the basic shell of the case, now to add the all important pockets!

Main console pocket
using contrast colour ch35
In 2nd chain from hook dc, 3dc in next ch, *ch1, skip next 3 ch, 3 dc in next ch. rep from * dc
Carry on in this pattern alternating colours on each row until 10 colour changes have been made.
change colour and sc across top. (sc in each dc and 2sc in chain spaces)

game pockets x 3
3dc in 2nd chfrom hook, ch1, skp3, 3dc in next chain, dc.
repeat this patten for 3 rows
sc across top.

Position pockets in desired places on main body and attach using whichever method you like. I used a blanket stitch to create a neater edge.
I made mine with 3 pockets but you could infact fit 6 pockets on there easily if you wish.

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  1. what a fun creation! thanks for sharing it!

    Hugs, Laurel in Wisconsin