Sunday, 1 July 2012

Knitting update - July!

Well its July and once again, classic British style its raining. Floods, storms, cold weather, a few of my friends even had to resort to putting the heating on. HEATING IN JULY! So in true British fashion I am having to sort out some warmer clothes for me and Thom (OH seems to wear the same thing all year so he has no problem)
This cardigan was originally meant to be for Autumn/ Winter but due to the pathetic weather I have had to speed up my knitting so he actually has a warmer cardi that fits!

My camera seems to be doing the blurry thing again (and no its not my photogaphy skills...well it might be lol) but you can get the vague idea from here. I absolutely LOVE this pattern (here) and he is going to look so cute in it but OMG, the arms section I'm on now is boring! Only a few more rows left of the arms then I can bind off and speed through the back. I've never made a cardigan which adds the front on to the back as you knit it, its alot easier and at least there wont be the usual horror of finishing the front and back and then having to make the arms (hmm I seem to have issues with arms..)

I'm hoping to finish it this week and then start on some Christmas presents!

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