Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crochet dungarees - free pattern!

While browsing the internet for something to crochet my son I noticed there seems to be a major shortage of patterns for boys! Well a few days of not having the internet (and moving house.) and these were born!

I didnt bother creating button holes, just used buttons that fit inbetween the stitches as thats much easier but if you want to use different sized buttons you will need to add button holes along the legs and on the straps.

This is to fit 0-3 months

5mm hook
200g dk wool
11 buttons

chain 25
dc across row
2dc in first dc, dc until last dc, 2dc
repeat row above once
dc for 5 rows

adding the back
Ch 41, attach to other side of the front panel to start crocheting around
Dc 3 rows
2dc in first dc,* dc 10, 2dc in next dc, rep from * four more times, dc last 16 stitches (should end up with 78 stitches)

2dc in first dc, dc38, 2dc in next dc, dc 38
dc 7 rows

adding the crotch/nappy allowance!
dc 18, turn
dc 76, turn
dc 42, turn
dc 8 turn
dc8 turn

pick up and dc 4 stitches down the side of the added crotch area, dc 34
dc 34 for 5 rows
dc2tog, dc to last 2 stitches, dc2tog
dc 2 rows
dc2tog, dc to last 2 stitches, dc2tog
dc last row and fasten off

Other leg
Attach yarn to back of the other at the top of the crotch area, pick up and dc four stitches along the side, dc 34

Repeat as for first leg.

Put dungarees face down and decide where you want your straps - mine were placed with a ten stitch gap at the sides for the arm holes but if you want them closer together its up to you!

Attach yarn leaving a ten stitch gap from the front panel to create the arm hole.
Dc 8, turn
dc 3 further rows
dc2tog, dc4, dc2tog
dc for 14 rows
fasten off.

Repeat for the other strap.

(if you dont want cross over straps just make them shorter)

Sew buttons along legs as the picture shows, attach buttons to the ends of the straps and weave in ends and you're done!


  1. I so agree- it's hard to find cute patterns for boys. Your design is adorable. Wish that my boys were small enough to wear them, b/c they are sweet! :)

  2. Oh, the overalls and your son are adorable! As a mom of three boys, I feel you on the lack of cute boy patterns. My littlest guy is in 6-9 now and growing quickly, but maybe I can adjust your pattern to make them larger. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you! I'm planning on remaking them every time my son goes up a size so they will eventually be available in larger sizes, but considering he is now 9 weeks old and only just come out of newborn might take a while lol

    1. Did you create bigger sizes? I'd like to make some for my son (9 months old)

  4. Hello!!I am an italian girl and I am pregnant, my son must be born in these days, and I'm waiting for him while crocheting.
    I'm sorry but I don't speak english very well...I'm trying to make this pattern because it is adorable...but I don't understand how I make the crotch...Can you explain me please?
    Where do I add the first 18 dc?And then, how can I pick up with 76 dc, and then 42 and then 8 and then 8?
    I'm very sorry but I don't understand this passage...
    Thank you very much

  5. I too am having trouble with the crotch area, it seems like by starting that based on where the last round ends, that it is in the wrong place and then seems like some instructions are missing.

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry I only just noticed these comments, to be honest..I'm looking at it and even I can work it out! Complete brain meltdown here. Basically you just want to have an extra few rows in the middle of the crotch like a regular babygrow does, to allow space for the nappy. Now I'm looking at my pattern and I honestly have no idea what I'm on about there! where on earth does dc18 come from?? I feel really bad now, I'm so sorry..althogh it has inspired me to order wool and finally make a bigger pair for my son because I did love them! Once again I'm sorry for my rubbish pattern, I dont even have them anymore as I gave them away when he outgrew them so I cant unpick them to find out!

    1. Did you ever figue out how many to do since it was not Dc 18?

    2. I would also like correct instructions.

    3. I would also like correct instructions.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I'm expecting 2 grandsons and have been looking for something cute.

  8. Has there been a correction made for the dc 18??