Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plastic bag holder

I dont know about your houses, but my under sink cupboard is overflowing with carrier bags. Now I know I could recycle them , but the reason we have so many is that we reuse them. Well no more plastic bag volcano for me!!

I know this might possibly be the worlds easiest pattern for the most boring item ever, but its useful and anything that prevents clutter gets a thumbs up from me!

Free pattern

6mm crochet hook
2 x 50g worsted yarn ( this is made holding two strands together but any chunky etc would work as one single strand, gauge is not really important)

Main part

Ch20, sl st to form round

*ch3, tr around . rep from * two more times

ch3, * 2tr in next stitch, tr in next 3 stitches. repeat from * around. tr

*ch3, tr around - repeat until work measures 11 inches

tr2tog around

hanging loop

ch50, dc across. sew to top of holder

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