Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Shoes!!

Ok so technically they're not new shoes but I love them anyway! I've been trying to declutter and while sorting my wardrobe, I found these two pairs of 'emergency' shoes (bought when I was wearing heels in work and my feet were about to fall off!) that I never wear anymore. Of course I had to modify them slightly because I hate plain shoes!

So this is what I started with:

One pair boring plain shoes (£4 in Primark)

1 Strip Material 6.75 inch x 2 inch

1 Strip Material 5.25 inch x 1 inch

Small scrap material (not pictured)

The material I used for the bow was actually part of an old handbag (yes my decluttering is going well!) Because they are shoes, you really want something thats quite sturdy and weather proof and also wont fray! Mine was some kind of fake leather.

1. Starting with the smaller strip of material sew edges together to make a cuff (sew right sides together so it will lay flat on the shoe) Turn it the right way round with the seam in the middle. Repeat for the larger strip

2. Take the smaller cuff and with the seam facing down, pinch the middle together to make a rough bow shape. Put a few stitches through to hold it in place, its easier if you wrap the thread around the middle just to keep it tight.

3. Place the larger cuff seam down on your work surface and position the smaller bow on top in the centre
4. You might need a pair of pliers on the next section just to get the needle through. Pinch the larger cuff together as you did for the first bow, holding the smaller bow in place as you do. Its hard to describe, this picture probably shows it better. Sew through the middle quite a few times, pulling it quite tight.
5. Well I completely forgot to take a picture of the next step but its pretty self explanatory. Cut a thin stip of material and sew it right around the middle of your bow, just to hide the stitches. Attach to your shoe and you're done!
The black flower shoes used the same material as the bows and I followed this tutorial for the flowers, attaching some fake pearls from a broken necklace I had laying around!

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  1. They look like new shoes to me! I love what you did to them. I'm sure they will get lots of wear now!