Friday, 25 February 2011

Vintage suitcase photo storage

Just a quick post today! I found this vintage suitcase in my sister's attic which was dying to be revamped

I wish there was smell-a-vision on blogs because this thing was seriously whiffy. First thing to do was hammer it back into shape so it would shut properly..which would have been easy if I had been able to find the hammer, so I ended up using a shoe! Then I set about stripping all the previous lining out and this was the best I could do. I dont know how the previous person (probably my gran) stuck it in but it would not budge!

Alot of cleaning, mod podge and a roll of ikea wrapping paper later and this is my finished suitcase!

Its not shiny in real life, the flash reflected quite badly, but overall I'm really pleased with it! I havent done anything to the outside apart from clean it (and there was alot of dirt on there, my hands were black when I finished!) but I like the worn look. Now my photos have a nice new home, much better than a battered old cardboard box and alot more compact aswell! More decluttering done!


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