Monday, 30 May 2011

25p Shawl

A few months ago my Gran sent me some wool she bought in a charity shop for 5p per ball! I didnt particularly like the wool so its just been stored, UNTIL NOW! Due to summer disappearing (in fact its more like winter,we've had to put the central heating on - in May!) I decided to make myself a shawl just to put over my shoulders while reading, knitting etc. As I'm not planning on wearing it outside the house then I dont really care what it looks like so the 5p wool was perfect!
I decided on the Textured shawl recipe I found on Ravelry -  clicky this is what I ended up with

Now its finished, I actually really like it! It was so quick to knit, I just picked it up in the evenings, doing a few rows at a time and it only took two weeks. If you were to knit it in one go it would take a few days max. Most importantly, it only cost 25p!! BARGAIN!! I will now be scouring charity shops for more woolly bargains!

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