Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cheapo vase turned to vase of beauty!

I have decided my house is too empty. It just doesnt look cosy anymore, especially the bedroom. None of the furniture matches ..well everything matches apart from the built in wardrobes which are this horrendous pine (we're renting so we cant do anything about them I'm afraid) so I'm on a mission to make the bedroom feel a bit warmer and homely! I will at some point be getting new curtains, bedding and a rug but for now I'll focus on accesories!

Starting with this

Just a plain vase - if you get flowers sent to you, they will probably come in something similar to this so dont throw them away! This particular vase is from Ikea for £1.89. I used mod podge but I'd imagine most glue would work, and some leftover yarn.
Simply smear a little glue around the bottom of the vase and wrap the wool around slowly! I found it easiest to hold the yarn steady with one hand and rotate the vase with the other. It will looks something like this at first
but dont panic! The glue dries clear and once its all wrapped it looks alot neater! When you get to the end, secure the top with a clip (or a peg...) like so

and ta da!! stylish new vase from boring old one! PLEASE NOTE this is not designed to be used for real flowers now, it would not stand up to being washed!

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