Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Owl Doorstop

Since moving into this house, we've realised that none of the floors are actually level. Considering it was built in 1771 thats not suprising really but the only problem we've found is the doors open on their own!

Our living room comes off the main hall which is quite drafty. Now we could just shut the door of course but Hugo would have none of that! Here he is being the king of the house!

Anyway! As we can't shut the door tight, we needed a doorstop to hold the door open enough for Hugo to walk through, but to block some of the draft out so the owl doorstop was born!

Made entirely from scraps (and a bit of rice) Hurrah! Heres an action shot

I'm considering making some for christmas gifts! Or does it look stupid..I cant tell lolol

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