Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Im Back..this time I really am back I promise!

Ok looking back on my blog I see quite a few of these posts, saying I'm back and then disappearing. Well (hopefully) I am now back for good! I've gave birth to my beautiful (GIANT) daughter 5 weeks ago, a day after Prince George was born so just missed out on a coin, we've starting getting back to some normality now, getting a bit more sleep (thank god) so I've started crafting again!

At the moment I'm just finishing up a large project which has been on the back burner for about 3 years eeeeek, so that should be finished by the end of the week and I'm SO excited about posting the finished pictures, I'm so proud of it.

In the meantime I'll post the few projects I have completed during my time away from the blog, starting with my favourite, this beautiful knitted dress from Drops Designs (click for pattern)
No action shot yet as the weather has been unusually warm for England (yes I did give birth in a heatwave, I thought I was actually going to melt in hospital, we are not equiped for hot weather!) but I LOVE this dress and will definately be making it in bigger sizes as she grows. The pattern goes right up to age 3/4 so plenty of opportunities to make it again.
I'll be adding my other finished projects over the next few days.

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