Thursday, 10 March 2011

I built a foot stool!!!

Picture the scene, me and my fiancee sitting on our sofa, his feet..ON THE COFFEE TABLE!! Well it drives me mad anyway, not only the fact that they are on there, but also that he pulls the coffee table so close to the sofa I can't move! Well not anymore!

Look what I built!! I am so proud of myself! I was looking to buy one, but I couldnt find one that was the right size, and wasnt majorly over priced. Then I found these in my garage

The legs were off an old ikea table we used to have, I just sawed them to the right length (my first time using a saw!) and the box is actually from our pizza stone. As that is now nice and safe in a cupboard there was no need to keep the wooden box it came in (and it also happened to be the perfect size for a stool YEAH)
Here it is with the legs attached. Its so strong I can stand on it and it stays up!!

As I wanted the make a cover than was removable (well it is going to have feet on it, I'm guessing I'll need to wash it at some point!) I then made a base cover for it, using a cushion for padding and tacked it on (I dream of owning a staple gun but for now, I will have to make do with what I have) You can probably notice one of the corners looks a bit..lumpy. That is temporary, I ran out of tacks so for now it will do. As soon as I get more I will smooth it down!

Then I made a simple slip cover and its finished!
The perfect size, it fits under my coffee table for when its not in use, and best of all, it was free!!

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