Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tent like top to summery skirt

Ok, so this was such an easy recon I'm quite embarrased to post it! Last summer I found this top in the sale for £5.

Love the fabric, love the colour, but unfortunately it made me look like I was wearing a tent. Well I just cant pass up a bargain so bought it anyway! For nearly a year, it has sat, unloved in my wardrobe, so yesterday, inspired by the sun I decided to make it into a skirt.
Luckily, the top actually fit me perfectly as a skirt, perfect length, perfect fit! All I had to do was add lining (it would have been indecent of me to wear it out as it was) and cut the straps. Easy!

Sorry, no action shot. I would have blinded you with the whiteness of my legs at the moment!


  1. Good idea! The fabric is so pretty, it would have been a waste not to use it. It will be perfect for spring and summer.

  2. I know, I love the fabric. I'm just waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can wear it without my legs freezing off!