Sunday, 23 October 2011

Knitted bag for OH's gran

On Monday, my darling Oh announced it was his Gran's birthday on Friday. Well we had of course not bought her a present, had no idea what we could nip out and get so I decided to knit her a bag! She is always admiring the one I made myself (here) , I had black wool in my stash so I made her this

I know its a rubbish picture! Our camera has run out of batteries, I had to use OH's phone camera! also ignore the pile of cat toys on the floor  - note to self, clear background before taking photos!

The handles were scavanged from an old handbag I had in the wardrobe that I havent used for about 5 years (I like to think of this as recycling, not just that I'm too cheap to buy new ones lol) I also added a small flap closure with a button hole. It's lined with some scrap material I had in my stash (which I forgot to get a picture of before I gave it away)

Anyway, she loved it. She knits so she appreciates how much effort goes into making presents (well I hope she does, I thought my hands were going to fall off finishing this in two days!) and best of was kind of FREE to make! hurrah.

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