Sunday, 23 October 2011

Felt christmas tree decorations

I finally got round to carrying on with some child friendly christmas tree decorations. I went for the easy route - felt! no fraying, easy to sew, simple

I'll be making quite a few of these, very cheap and quick to make! My favourite by far is these, the faces are embroidered on (thought it was the safest option for children height decorations) They are very lightly stuffed with felt offcuts (cut into teeny squares) so no wastage!

Also made a snoman and a star

There was a christmas tree, but I messed up the bottom ...the cat has now claimed it so theres no picture - its probably under the sofa knowing him.

I quite fancy making some kind of santa and maybe some gingerbread men but that will have to wait until I go near a shop that sells felt again.

You've probably noticed none of them have ties on yet - I dont have anything in my stash suitable for hanging on a tree so I'll have to buy some before christmas but thats an easy job anyway.

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