Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Baby Knitting

Well I'm now 26 weeks pregnant with my first little boy and thought it was about time I crafted for him. I've made this blanket before for my neice and was really pleased with how it came out so I of course had to make it for myself!

Our camera is still out of action so once again, apologies for the awful photo! (also ignore the packet of Cadburys snow bites which snuck in the picture!) It just needs a run through the wash and a reshape and it will be finished! A bit more interesting than the pastel colours that all shops seem to insist on babies being covered in anyway.

Then I made this!

It looks neater in real life I swear! I just hope it fits because it is too cute not to use. If its too small it will just have to become a teddy bear's hat for the nursery.

Now onto the next thing...which should probably be christmas crafting, not long to go!

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