Monday, 4 February 2013

Granny Square Crochet Headband

Ok if you have seen my posts before you might guess I like a crochet granny square (here, and here) so when deciding what to make to start my crafting going again I of course had to turn to my trusty old friend, the granny square!

I wanted to make something useful and as this pregnancy seems to have made my hair CRAZY I decided on a hairband to mainly use when washing my face to keep my hair from getting wet and even more frizzy than it already is!

 This was once again made using scraps of dk I had left from other projects and is a simple headband with a granny square bow!

The hook size doesn't really matter, this was made using 5mm.

Basic Headband

Ch16 + ch2 for turning ch

Row 1 - ch1, *3dc in next chain space, ch1, skip next 3 ch - rep from * until end

Turn and repeat this pattern remembering to include the turning chains until the headband will fit around your head. You'll want this to be quite tight at first as it will stretch with use depending on the wool you use. You can use whichever method you prefer to join the two ends, I just slip stitched them together.


Repeat basic pattern as for headband for 7 rows but alternate colours for each new row. Fasten off. Pinch the bow together in the middle and secure with a few stitches just to make it easier to do the next part. (I forgot to take pictures of this but its basically the same pinch as the bow on these shoes if you are unsure)

Bow middle - Choose your colour, ch3, sc each row until it will fit around your bow body, wrap it around the bow and secure at the back.

Attach bow to headband and you are done!

I know an extremely basic pattern but I do love how the bow turned out! I'm thinking baby booties with teeny granny square bow attached to them!

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