Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Grow your own

Every year I have big plans on how I'm going to grow my own vegetables and come Summer/Autumn have an abundance of free veg to eat. Then every year my plants fail to grow and wither away and die having given off one pathetic shrivelled up tomato if I'm lucky!

Well this year I have a plan.. its not really money saving but I bought some grow your own kits...surely I cant do them wrong!! saying that this is what happened to a shop bought pot plant...

 Anyway, I'm being optimistic and this year have bought these

Courgettes, bell peppers, chilli peppers and the classic tomato. From reading the instructions they don't look too hard to start off...put the seeds in the dirt and leave on a windowsill. So this weekend I will be planting the ones that get sown in February and hoping for the best! I'm imagining in Summer being able to pop out to the garden with my new born baby to harvest some vegetables to make a lovely salad...

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