Monday, 12 May 2014

Free Crochet Patterns For Boys

Having a boy myself and being crafty, I know how hard it is to find items to crochet for them. With a new baby/toddler/little boy, of course you want to craft for them!

These are the top five free patterns I have found for little boys. I also have a few available on my blog

Crochet waistcoat/vest

Simple sandals

Crochet Tank Top

Crochet Dungarees

1. Crochet Wrap Around Baby Boots
I love this pattern from I'm Topsy Turvy and have made them several times for both my ds and dd.

2. Leaping Crochet Baby Hoody

Its so nice to find a sweater that is crochet rather than knit!

3. Breezyboy Newborn Newsboy

A great alternative to a regular newborn hat from Breezybot

How adorable is this Peacoat from Inner child crochet

This Varsity Sweater from Crochet Today is ideal for slightly older boys.

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