Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wedding Overview, Sola Flower Crazy!

Ok its been far too long since I've posted on here, 8 months infact! So much happened in that time including me finally getting married.
As quite a lot of my wedding decor was handcrafted I thought I'd do a quick post to show everything! As I've previously posted, I fell in love with Sola flowers and chose to use them rather than real flowers for the entire wedding. Not only were they way cheaper than using fresh flowers, but I got to keep them! Infact I'm sitting looking at one of the smaller bridesmaids bouquets on the fireplace right now.

If anyone has found this post and is considering using Sola flowers GO FOR IT. I got so many compliments and when I went to gather them up the next day, alot of my flowers had somehow walked out of the door on their own so I'm assuming people really did like them and weren't just being polite lol.

First up is the buttonholes, pink for the Groom, father of the bride and best man, natural for the rest of the wedding party. I found the green burlap leaves on Ebay but they would be pretty easy to make yourself (by this point I was at the omg I'm never going to finish this in time stage so went for the easy option of buying them ready made)

I kept the table decorations very simple, our venue had gorgeous hurricane vases we used (picture below is after the tables were cleared for the evening, I didnt go that minimal for the day!)

These are cheap Ikea tea light holders wrapped in string and lace, simple. Each holder had 4-5 sola flowers and a few bunches of dried Gypsophila (Babies Breath) which is an absolute PAIN to get hold of in the UK, I ended up finding it in a cake supply shop and paying way more than I thought I would for it but I'm glad I did, it really finish the flowers off perfectly

The top table Mr and Mrs was something I really wasnt sure of while making it. The letters are the basic cardboard craft store letters which were painted and hot glued onto a burlap covered piece of cardboard (staying classy ha) Then I just hot glued Sola flowers around the base of the letters until it looked right. Really easy to make, I think the worst part was covering the base with the burlap!

And finally the bouquets which annoyingly, I don't seem to have any professional photos of. I'll try to get a few better pics up but for now this is all I have. The handles were originally going to be burlap covered but after many attempts at trying to get them to look smooth, I gave up and wrapped them in twine which was a million times easier! 
As you can half see from this photo, I used alot of dried gyp to cover all the wiring underneath aswell as some green burlap leaves.

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