Monday, 5 September 2011

Completed knitting projects!

Well I finally got round to posting these! Both were for presents, one for my neice's first birthday and the other for my sisters birthday.

I'll start with the cardigan I made for my 1 year old neice. I fell in love with this pattern from . Once again a free pattern (you might have noticed a theme with my craft by now...its all free! ) and I had to make it.

I just used some of my stash wool, no idea what it is but it came out really well I know it looks a bit wonky in the photo but its not in real life I promise!

The next thing I made was a scarf for my sister. She actually requested this a few months ago - no idea if she remembered that but I did anyway. She wanted a scarf that she could fit underneath her coat and not have flap around everywhere in the wind. I used this pattern from Ravelry. Once again I apologise for the photo...

I think she was pleased with it... I was lol

I also finished her main christmas present. I'm DYING to post it because its turned out so well but I'll have to wait until after christmas before I can show you, or even add it to Ravelry! doh

Have a few more things finished that I'll post up over the next few days, just need to find my camera again. (I put it down for one minute and I swear the cat must run off with it, its disappeared!)

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