Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Posting for motivation!

I have something embarrassing to admit. I bought a latch hook rug kit about 4 years ago intending it to be a gift for my nephew. Well he is now 5, in school and no longer wants a Winnie the Pooh rug in his room!

I am determined to finish it by February and put it in our nursery! It WILL be finished by then!
I'll post a picture to keep me accountable, I have no excuses now.

I actually really enjoy latch hooking, its really relaxing, perfect for doing while watching a film. The problem is I keep getting distracted by other craft projects. I do a few rows every few months and then abandon it again doh. Not anymore! It is staying in my living room, in plain sight until it is finished.

Just noticed crazy Ivan managed to sneak into that picture - my cats favourite toy who my OH has named Ivan...and he is also apparently crazy! The cat loves him anyway lol.

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