Monday, 5 September 2011

Its nearly Christmas!!!

Ok I know I will scare most of you by saying that, but theres really not much longer to go, especially if you plan to craft quite a few presents like I do. This year my sister, her husband and their four children are coming to stay with me and my partner! YAYY!!!

Now this means there will have to be slight modifications to our usual decor... Most of our christmas tree baubles are very delicate glass - not child friendly and certainly not baby friendly (I'm planning for next year with a 10 month old baby of our own! argh scary thought!!)
I dont have any close up pictures of my beautiful baubles but here is a pic of our tree from last year...just pretend the half dead plant isnt there...

 Its a pretty rubbish fake tree (this year we're getting a real one! mmm I can smell it already!)

Anyway in my quest for having an injury free christmas, (and protecting my baubles) I have started making some child friendly decorations for the bottom half of the tree. So far I have two..quite a few to go or it will be a naked tree...

Link to pattern  on Ravelry. Finished this really quickly (for me anyway) and I'll probably end up making a few more because it came out so cute! (It is also using up my scraps YAYY)

Also made a crochet snowflake which was also really quick to complete. I dont know if I'll hang them individually on the tree, or make a hanging chain of them for somewhere in the house...I could do both!

I'll be adding many more decorations over the next few months.

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