Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Worlds Slowest Crafter

I really cannot believe how slow I craft now. I currently have  projects I want to finish:

  • Latch hook rug for Baby
  • Crochet play mat for Son's cars
  • embroidered throw from Sew pretty Homestyle book for Baby
  • Cath Kidston Bag kit I got at Christmas..2 YEARS AGO! I haven't even started it. Its in the drawer mocking me...

This is without the MAHOOOSSIVEEE queue I am creating in Ravelry of things to knit for the baby! I at least need to buy some wool and print the patterns out to stick in my hospital bag...

I think I will prioritise my son's play mat. He really loves his toy cars so from now on that is No. 1 on my list!

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